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Book Review – City of Dust by Michelle Kenney

‘Insider or Outsider?’ asked a Tweet promoting this book. I had no idea, so I figured I must be an outsider and shuffled over to Netgalley to request a copy of the book. My request was granted at lightening speed and, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I began to read.

City of Dust is the second in a series of books by Michelle Kenney. I would advise if you are considering reading this books that you read the first book, Book of Fire, beforehand. I didn’t, and it took me a while to work out what was going on. But I must say that once I got into it, City of Dust made for compulsive reading. I kept thinking ‘I’ll just read to the end of the chapter’ and then the chapter would end on a massive cliffhanger and I would just have to keep ploughing on!

This book was like a cross between The Hunger Games and Greek mythology with a touch of Avatar thrown in for good measure. Firmly ensconsed in the Young Adult, Fantasy genre. I can see this appealing to a litany of Millenials.

Set in a dystopian future. Talia is one of the Outsiders. This colony is at one with nature and whilst they live hand to mouth they are generally happy, growing food and hunting. The Insiders on the others hand are a society where the elite rule over the many who are not just slaves, but have had their genes tampered with. They are engineered to serve.

At the beginning of the story Talia believes she has left the horrors of her fight against The elite Insiders (known as the Pantheon’s) behind her. But someone from the Inside world arrives and steals an item that leads Talia and her friends on a quest to get it back. A quest that will lead them back to the very enemies that have been dogging Talia’s nightmares for months and one from which there is no certainty of a safe return.

Whilst the story sounds dark, it is set around Talia and her friends. There were a whole host of feisty, determined and likeable characters in here. There was also a delightful melee of creatures from Greek myths and legends and monsters that I had encountered elsewhere. The Basilisk for example, I know what that is, I thought excitedly remembering Harry Potter book two of a couple of weeks ago.

I really enjoyed this book, perhaps not enough to go and read the first one and then find out what happens in the third one, but in itself it was a fast paced, thrilling adventure and I’m pleased that Net Galley gave me the opportunity to review it. City of Dust will be available to buy from 2 October 2018

Next week I’ll be bringing you up to date with what happens in the workings of your own mind. Incognito by David Eagleman is on the blog next Monday.

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  • I did love a book which creates its own world. I have to wonder though am I just too old now to be reading the books aimed at young adults.

    • Too old?! Never! In all seriousness I think if you enjoy something then don’t worry if you are the intended audience or not. I think these books will be right up your street 🙂

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