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Book review 21 – Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney

It is an exercise in trust reading a book called ‘Sometimes I Lie’. You never quite know what not to believe. Mind you, mid-way through the book something happened to make me believe the protagonist and, like the total rookie I am, I completely forgot the books title.

‘Sometimes I Lie’ is a brilliantly tense debut novel by Alice Feeney. Feeney has designed such a web of twisted relationships and manipulation that by the end of the book you wind up believing that up is left, and right is behind you. I must confess myself totally bamboozled by the time I turned over the last page. I didn’t really know what was going on and ending up Googling “Sometimes I Lie ending” to see what other people had to say. I found some explanations and an awful lot of very confused people out there. Some people were hacked off that they had to go to these extremes to work out what was happening. If you like straightforward answers then this book is not for you and I must say that there was a level of closure that I didn’t really achieve. It’s as if I’ve just put the book aside while I hang about in limbo. On the other hand if you enjoy a rollercoaster ride and don’t mind some question marks hanging over the end of a story then this will be right up your street.

‘Sometimes I Lie’ centres around Amber who is in a coma and drifting in and out of a level of consciousness whereby she can hear the people around her. Alongside this and Amber delving into her past we begin to piece together the events that have brought her here. But nothing is straightforward, no-one is as they seem and everything is open to interpretation.

I spent marathon sessions reading this book. I just couldn’t wrench myself away from it. The twists and turns are mind boggling and it is definitely one of those books that if you are so inclined you may wish to read again as soon as you have finished it. Personally I have a 52 book challenge to get on with so I will just allow my mind to draw its own conclusions or not as the case might be…

Next week I’m reading ‘A Less Boring History of the World,’ by Dave Rear. It definitely is NOT boring so come by next Monday and see what I have to say for myself!

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