52 Good Books

About this blog

Hello! My name’s Rekha.

This is me – yes, I like sunglasses!

In September 2017 when my eldest child started at school, I decided to set myself a challenge to read and review a book a week. It was only fair, I figured, since he has to go to school and learn something new each week, that I should reciprocate. And so this blog was born.

With a little bit of luck and a whole lot of effort, by September 2018 this blog will have 52 book reviews on it. Hopefully 52 Good Book reviews! The thing is, a year is a long time, 52 books are a lot… can I keep it up? Only time will tell…

Look out for new posts every Monday and in the meantime, why not sign up to follow my blog or check out my ramblings on Twitter where I hang out asĀ Rekha Shane

I’m happy to take recommendations of books from readers and writers alike, so pop them into the ‘Suggest a book’ page and see you on Monday!

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